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Rare Retail Showcase Merchandiser


Objective - To create a retail showcase piece that optimizes the brands qualities, while allowing retailers to enjoy an opportunity to merchandise the entire Macallan family.

Materials - Acrylic laminated MDF. Clear acrylic metallic gold trim. Stainless steel locks. Optional lighting.

Results - Macallan enjoyed a 25% increase in sales this year. This merchandising device has helped with an additional 12% increase after introducing "Rare".


Macallan Rare is a new and exquisite product now being offered in the Macallan family. The objective was to create a retail showcase piece that optimizes the brand qualities associated with this super premium product, at the same time allowing retailers to enjoy an opportunity to merchandise the entire line of Macallan Single Malt scotches in one location.

The Assignment

Rare means unique, different - hard to find. This merchandising showcase needed to capture all aspects of this brand. Showcased without deliberately manipulating the consumer with copy graphics and slogans, this unit needed to replicate an elegantly simple message to the consumer (mastery achieved). The entire Macallan family had maintained a superior recognition and has one of the highest reputations as a quality single malt scotch.

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Macallan is targeted to the distinguished consumer. Generally male 40+, an upper middle class to upper class consumer with discretionary tastes, disposable income and focused establishing status quo amongst their friends and peer groups.

Problem Solving

As Macallan is a super premium single malt scotch, this merchandiser needed to encapsulate the entire brand essence of the entire family of products, while at the same time, raising the bar and introducing their newest member of the family "Rare". "Rare" needed to be the center point behind lock doors because it carries a price tag of over $200 per bottle.


A small footprint and elegant museumesque feel, the ability to merchandise the entire family of products were all attributes to the selection of this subtle and elegant shelving that allowed for gift boxes of all qualities to be merchandised in an elegant fashion, similar to other luxury items.
Macallan3 Case studies BOTTOM


As one can imagine, the cost associated with the raw materials on this architectural merchandiser was carefully considered. Manufacturing was required to ensure no materials were wasted. Attention to detail in final assembly met the standards associated with any and all types of merchandising. Fully assembled, carefully packaged, this retail showcase piece arrived like a piece of high end furniture at each retail environment participating.


Numerous material selections were considered. The architectural review was made to ensure the size, shape and material associated met the expected high standards. When producing products as valuable and respected as Macallan, retailers immediately discard any merchandising tools that did not represent the brand, in the end, consumers shop in these types of retail environments such as independent liquor stores, boutique liquor stores and whiskey stores searching for products of the level of Macallan. 

Sale Results

As a new product introduction for "Rare", careful selections were made with key distributors and retailers to ensure 100% placement of this luxury merchandiser showcase. Macallan has enjoyed a 25% increase in sales this year. Due to the popularity of this product, this merchandising device has helped with an additional 12% increase after introducing "Rare". Which is a challenge since the product is targeted to such a fine audience.

Overall Success

Merchandising at this level needs to make sure that it appeals to every aspect of the objective. This piece exudes quality and has a very manageable and respectable footprint. It allows consumers to feel appreciated to purchase this product. The brand felt this piece was a home run, as it accomplished everything that was desired and more, but ultimately the consumer was the real winner for they found a place to enjoy all the Macallan products.