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Jose Cuervo Truck



This gold award winning 2017 Gold OMA award winner is truly a work of art.  As Cinco de Mayo and summertime are synonymous with tequila and margaritas, capitalizing on the popularity of food trucks inspired the development of this Jose Cuervo expandable food truck.  The unit arrived in stores fully assembled, and ready to be displayed with multiple case stackings and cross merchandizing opportunities beyond words.  This truly was an incredibly successful piece for Jose Cuervo. Additional re-iterations of this unit are in the works for 2018 and 2019.  This is a true Gold Winner!         

The objective was to increase the customer’s visibility of three different tequila brands along with multiple sub-brands by securing ample floor space for the Cinco de Mayo holiday period and capturing the customer’s attention to increase brand awareness as well as increase sales. An important goal to achieve was flexibility of case quantity able to be displayed within the merchandising space, in order to accommodate both large chains as well as smaller sized stores.


Since the most cost efficient material option for the clients budget was litho mounting to corrugate, we were challenged with creating a corrugated structure that would achieve the requested three-dimensional shape. In order to achieve aspects of realism throughout the display we vacuumed formed and painted many of the truck features such as the wheels, headlights, bumper, and side lamp.

Sale Results

The increase in sales driven by this display program was achieved in all major markets. The stores that placed cross merchandising groceries around the display saw an increase in sales for those products as well, which helped to enhance the client’s relationship with store management which leads to long term profitability.

Overall Success

Positive feedback was provided by distributors as well as the client sales team, including requests for similar merchandising structures for multiple other seasonal programming. The overall positivity resulting from this merchandising display provided a substantial increase in store confidence for the client’s brands.