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Jose Cuervo

Cuervo Train1 Case studies TOP

Holiday Train Display

Temporary, Four Sided Stand Alone

Objective - This display needed to be impactful, versatile and functional in a setting that allowed for adjustability and visual impact. Capture and maintain additional floor space.

Materials - Distortion printed vacuum formed plastic. Corrugated vacuumed formed clock. Battery operated timing mechanism.

Results - Jose Cuervo experienced a 25% increase in sales and a 40% increase in product placement from the previous year.


This Jose Cuervo Holiday Train needed to be impactful, versatile and functional to promote the entire family of Jose Cuervo products, in a setting that allowed for adjustability and visual impact. This holiday train needed to capture and maintain additional floor space for gift packs, value added packs and premium brands. The adjustability was key for as the product sold off, the unit could move up and down in size and it never looked empty.

The Assignment

Iconic vehicles are generally associated with adventure and fun. A holiday train is symbolic with luxury, adventure, exploration and all the things associated with the wonderment of the holidays. Spirited beverages need to capture the holiday essence, yet cannot elude to any child like references. Hence, the bold nature of the visual associated with this train. An additional platform clock was included as an added bonus to create a visual centerpiece for this case stacking.
Cuervo Train3 Case studies MID


Jose Cuervo has made a conscience effort over the past few years to reinvent itself as a premium tequila. They always achieved premium status but their merchandising did not reflect that. This merchandise targets consumers aged 21 - 45, both male and female and gears towards middle to upper class individuals so that the brand can compete and compare to brands such as Patron, Don Julio, Cazadores etc.

Problem Solving

Based on the success of the summer VW bus, Jose Cuervo wanted to replicate as close as possible, an authentic holiday train. Several steps were taken to get to the final slim line dimensional piece. For adjustability of case stackings was paramount. The catalyst that made this piece so successful was the utilization of the existing tool associated with the VW bus. Leaving additional funds available to create the 3D clock.


Making a train look as authentic as possible, while utilizing an existing tool was an incredible challenge to make sure it was authentic and realistic. A challenge to make the artwork to match accordingly. It was a challenge to make sure all components of
dimensional quality matched that of a train. This bookend display maximize floor space for product, yet minimized floor space, while still creating an attention getting and attractive piece.
Cuervo Train3 Case studies BOTTOM


Distortion printed vacuum formed plastics achieved the goal of creating dimensionality of the look and feel of a real locomotive. Die cut foam board and added accents along with printed decals to the front and rear of the train was an added bonus.A functional platform clock was included as a center point for this display.


This unit went out partially assembled, requiring little effort at retail to assemble. This bold and attractive train actually takes up a very small foot print, leaving the opportunity to leave the product to be the true hero. With multiple case offerings, packages, gift packs, etc. this piece became the center piece for many stores. The platform clock was used as an accent, at the display point or at other parts of the store.

Sale Results

The summer VW bus created an opportunity for the train to manage that real estate for the next few months. A nominal investment made paid huge dividends, for stores naturally transgressed the VW bus into the Jose Cuervo train. Jose Cuervo experienced a 25% increase in sales and a 40%increase in product placement from the previous year.

Overall Success

This type of bookend merchandising has proven to be incredibly successful, to the point where it is symbolic with the brand. The VW bus produced this summer, the train produced this holiday and an attention getting taco truck is planned for summer 2016. Retailers love the real estate management aspect as they rotate out product and rotate in new displays. The brand is ecstatic as this has been the most successful campaign in brand history.