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Hangar 1 Biplane



The Hangar 1 Biplane Multiuse Display Program's main purpose and goal was to create a unique, recognizable symbol that spoke to their brand. A historic and recognizable biplane spoke to that brand in a clear and concise message. Hangar 1 has a strong presence in certain regional markets throughout the U.S. and wanted to gain additional placement throughout the United States in the premium vodka category.


Breaking through the clutter of today's competitive retail environment was why this beautifully crafted, historic biplane was chosen. This biplane is reminiscent of the era when Hangar 1 was hand crafted in a distillery in Northern California. So serves as a universal symbol to the history of the brand and validity to its hand crafted nature. The color, texture, and banner reflect upon days gone by, and the cool, casual nature of Northern California. 

Sale Results

The original request was for one version, the large biplane; which is incredibly impactful and iconic, and was placed mid to large packaged liquor. A smaller version was adapted to serve in smaller packaged liquors in independence. Both pieces were received enthusiastically by retailers. 

Overall Success

For years, Hangar 1 has tried diligently to create an identity that speaks to its handcrafted qualities and its Northern California roots, of which, contains a tremendously large agricultural basis for foods provided around the country. The ingredients, process, and now look of the brand, speaks to young and old consumers for this biplane tells the story of Hangar 1 vodka and will part of its visual presence in all future programs.