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Bacardi Rum

BAC Book Ends1 Case studies TOP

Bacardi Rum Book Ends

Stand-alone book ends

Objective - Create an adjustable, impactful and recognizable icon to allow Bacardi the opportunity to gain maximum floor space

Results - A 35% sales increase was achieved by all stores merchandising this display.


Create an adjustable, impactful and recognizable icon to allow Bacardi the opportunity to gain maximum floor space. Introduce all sizes of their product and allow for flexibility and placement in all sizes and types of retail outlets. The unity to speak to an end cap inline merchandising, island merchandising and thematic merchandising commonly used in large format spirits retailers. This unit needed to capitalize the brand imagery and dominance Bacardi Rum has in this category.

The Assignment

To develop a multipurpose merchandising tool that can work in all retail environments and have impact in small to large footprint. Flexibility, brand integrity and immediate visual stimulus were important for a consumer needed to recognize this mass display immediately upon entry to the retail environment, creating a one stop shopping center for Bacardi and the variety of mixers available, allowing the retailer to create a permanent island for this most popular rum.
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Bacardi is a multi-cultural product with a long, untamable history. Targeting consumers 21-35 with a modest to middle income, as well as, premium status with an older generation/clientele. Capitalizing on success of their untamable campaign, this mass-display needed to target consumers purchasing products during the critical summer months. Strategically launched on May 1st, this merchandiser served as a real-estate investment for Bacardi and the retailer to partner with several successful thematic promotions throughout the year.

Problem Solving

The display needed to strategically speak to the brand and the consumer it was targeting, while at the same time provide a high-level of functionality. To problem solve at a virtual array of retailers in numerous retail footprints throughout the country. Special attention was given to the actual size of the unit, so to create a special footprint that allowed all sizes of products to fit/function and most importantly sell in any retail environment.


Bold, simple, direct and clean were the desired executable assets when coming up with the final direction on the creative for this unit. This bottle is most recognizable in the world, as well as, their iconic bat symbol. It’s small, thin profile allows a virtual plethora of promotional opportunities for this display. All creative check points were answered with this final design. The unique functionality of this book end design is what makes it so impactful.
BAC Book Ends3 Case studies BOTTOM


Clean white edges, hand painted support pieces, hidden structural assembly, and a balance/counter balance system at the base of the unit to insure the unit is stable/structurally sound place. Special custom structural supports were needed so that all the different sized bottle weights were accommodated for. Custom wood supports were placed under each shelf in a decorative, yet functional manner. Custom vacuum formed tops were developed so that future Bacardi rum bottles could be replicated easily. The unit went out fully assembled, packed conveniently in a carton and was easy for store personnel to handle.


This unit was designed to be a permanent structure accommodating numerous retail outlets. Bold, simple branding and a slim lined approach were what was requested for easy and universally accepted merchandising tool. Arriving to the stores with product from the distributors, a simple removal from the carton, placement of the product on the shelves and in store, made for a high level of acceptance in the retail trade as Bacardi is the most popular selling spirits in the industry.

Sale Results

Recognized as one of the most direct, impactful merchandising tools provided to the field in the past 5 years. This display allowed for tremendous cross merchandising opportunities. A 35% sales increase was achieved by all stores merchandising this display.