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Grandma's Cookie Jar




Grandma's Cookies has been a standard icon for Frito Lay for many years. It is a tasty treat consumed by all ages and genders. Since the product is mass produced, there was some skepticism surrounding the authenticity of the ingredients. Since all consumers can relate to grandma, and in this case Grandma’s Cookie Jar, this sent a more powerful message to the consumer of how enjoyable this cookie can be.


This creative challenge was truly a fun experiment. We were provided with 8 PDQs and a footprint of what they traditionally used. Asked to create a new experience for the consumer, numerous designs were reviewed, but ultimately this concept made most sense because it is similar to cookie jars made in the 50’s and 60’s. It has a natural look and feel for this brand. Capturing the warm and naturals colors associated with a home.

Sale Results

The test results were greater than ever expected with units now placed in markets throughout the United States and a growth in sales in a category that has increasing competition. They not only compete with other sweet treats, they really compete against all impulse food consumables. The consumer has a massive array of options to choose from when making high impulse purchases.

Overall Success

Once the tooling was developed a sample test run was produced so that the measurable impact could be provided to the brand. It was strategically placed in key markets in the US. Retailers were thrilled with the quality look feel and message associated with this display, for today’s consumer spends less time on their shopping experience than ever before. The retailer truly has a matter of seconds to persuade a consumer to purchase any product.

“The development of the Grandma’s Cookie Jar is a great example of patience and persistence.  We knew we had developed a very unique and impactful display, but did so at a time when budgets were already planned and allocated to our organization.  Literally we had to hold the launch of this item for nearly a year, but in that time we were able to tool, test and gain greater momentum to launch over one year after developing the unit.  Our organization loves the unit and we have plans to place several thousand of them over the course of the year.  Dangling the carrot in front of our organization really made them hungry for this unit once we had budgets in place to launch.”